🪙amAPT and stAPT


amAPT (Amnis Aptos coin) acts as a stablecoin loosely pegged to APT, so that 1 amAPT always represents 1 APT and the amount of amAPT in circulation matches the amount of APT in the Amnis Finance. When APT is sent to the Amnis Finance, an equivalent amount of amATP is minted.

  1. Get amAPT: Buy amAPT from Pancakeswap, Liquidswap or mint APT to amAPT at the Amnis Finance.

  2. Use amAPT: Add liquidity on Pancakeswap, Liquidswap or stake amAPT to stAPT in return with a +7.5% APR


stAPT (Amnis Staked Aptos coin) is a vault designed to accrue the staking yield of the Amnis APT validators. At any time, amAPT can be exchanged for stAPT by depositing it into the stAPT vault, which allows users to earn staking yield on their amAPT. Over time, as validators accrue staking yield, an equivalent amount of amAPT is minted and added to the vault, allowing users to redeem their stAPT for a greater amount of amAPT than they deposited.

The exhange rate of amAPT per stAPT increases over time as staking rewards are added to the vault. By holding stATP, you hold a % claim on an increasing amount of the vault's amAPT, splitting staking rewards up among stAPT holders proportional to their share of the total stAPT. This is similar to other autocompounding tokens like Aave's aUSDC and Compound's cUSDC.

  1. Get stAPT: stake APT or amAPT at the Amnis Finance

  2. Use stAPT: Simply holding stAPT in your wallet which earn passive income at about 7% APR. And, you can use stAPT to lending on Aries, staking and yield farming in Aptos DeFI ecosystem.

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