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What is AMNIS?

Amnis Finance - a Pioneering Liquidity Staking on Aptos. As a foundational component of the Aptos ecosystem, Amnis Finance introduces a secure, user-friendly and innovative liquid staking protocol that empowers users to effortlessly maximize returns on their APT tokens while unlocking their liquidity.


  1. Liquid Staking on Aptos

Traditional Proof-of-Stake ̣̣̣̣̣(PoS) protocols used to be about users locking their tokens and receiving an anticipated amount of staking reward in exchange. However, because these tokens are locked, users are prevented from trading or investing in other token pairs on other platforms. This consequently restricts the ability to explore higher-yield opportunities.

Amnis Finance offers the capability of liquid staking, a pivotal concept in the realm of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Through this feature, Amnis allows users to instantly receive tokens of equivalent value to those they have staked, enabling them to make use of the value of these tokens in transactions or other activities of interest, all without necessitating the unstaking process and the subsequent waiting period for token release. Liquid staking also provides flexibility for users to take advantage of trading or investment opportunities without having to withdraw tokens from the PoS network.

  1. Yield tokenization

Amnis aims to create a new financial instrument that allows for more flexibility in crafting payoff strategies and opens gateways for institutions to enter the market and enabling traders to leverage future yields.

First, Amnis wraps yield-bearing assets (stAPT) into SY (standardized yield tokens). SY is then split into its principal and yield components, PT (principal token) and YT (yield token) respectively, for maximum control. This process is termed as yield-tokenization, where the yield is tokenized into a separate token. PT represents the original value of the staked asset, At maturity, PT can get back to the original asset at the ratio of 1:1. Additionally, YT illustrates the portion of the interest that will be generated. Holding YT allows the users to receive the entire yield, but no principal repayment at the end.

Comparison with other Aptos staking options:

Amnis Finance offers a staking APR of 7%, which is higher than that of other protocols. In addition to this comparison, Amnis Finance provides APT Derivative tokens, including stAPT and amAPT, whereas other only offers stAPT or tAPT. Notably, Amnis Finance secures the backing of the Aptos Foundation, offering token utilities such as Governance and Incentives, as well as Institutional KYC Support and an Affiliate system. Unfortunately, specific information regarding these features is not available for the other alternatives.

Furthermore, it's important to highlight that Amnis Finance does not impose a protocol fee, setting it apart from other protocol, which levies a 10% fee on Staking Rewards. Amnis Finance remains committed to being a user-friendly protocol, with amAPT maintaining a stable 1:1 peg to APT. In contrast, tokens from other projects experience fluctuations in value over time. Additionally, Amnis Finance prioritizes user convenience by offering swift withdrawals with zero fees, while other platforms may incur fees and lack similar support mechanisms.

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